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Creating or Joining A Town.

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Creating or Joining A Town.

Post by SlimeEmperor on Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:08 pm

Hello. Yeah, you. You with the t-shirt. Do you wanna learn about the plugin Towny? If so keep reading. Laughing  

The server of KasaiCraft is a great Towny Server. But.... What is Towny? Towny is a plugin where you join or create a town, and survive while helping each other. It is similar to Factions but more peaceful with better grief, pvp, and mob protection! So do you want to create a town, or join a town? you decide.

Joining A Town:
JOINING A TOWN: Step 1: Find a town. This may seem obvious, but look carefully because some towns charge high taxes, high plot prices and more. Step 2: When you find one ask the mayor to join. If the mayor invites you use /accept to join! This is the case unless the town is open. then you join with /t join (town name) or invite

Creating A Town:
CREATING A TOWN: Step 1: Find a nice spot that suits what you want. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Step 2: Use /t create (town name)The town will be created! Step 3: Invite friends with /t add (name) or open the town to anyone with /t toggle open! Step 4: Turn griefing off with /t set perm off if you make your town open!!! <----- LOOK

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