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Helper Application Information (Please read before posting)

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Helper Application Information (Please read before posting)

Post by Drift on Wed Jun 29, 2016 5:37 pm

If you apply for helper, you must understand and follow these terms:

1. If you are not going to be on the server for a long time, please let someone on the staff team know.
2. Demotion will be employed if you do not log on to the server for two weeks and have not let the staff know you would be gone.
3. If you abuse your powers, you will be immediately demoted.
4. It would be preferred if there was at least one staff member on while the server is up.
5. You are expected to follow and enforce the rules.
6. Do not enforce rules by making up your own. (Example: only three caps allowed per message)
7. Do not use your powers to give anyone money or the like.
8. Do not ask if you will be promoted to Mod or Admin. It will reduce your chances.
9. Helper is a sort of evaluation for becoming a trusted member of staff, so please treat it as such.

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